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Five Gums a-Flapping

The December 13  Show and Tell, Christmas Stories edition, went off as well as possible for a frigid Monday night that ended in the season’s first snowfall. Attendance was light and we had a last-minute guest cancellation and a half, but Michele Carlo graciously stepped in with very little notice and brought the house down with her moving tale of a Bronx Christmas in the 70s! ‘Twas a fantastic show all around. So thanks to presenters Eliot Glazer, Rosie Schaap, and Cynthia Kaplan, and extra special thanks go to Michele, as well as to Blaise Allysen Kearsley for her assistance, and to Trey Pentecost for the photos.

Here’s what it looked like:

Eliot Glazer and mom

Eliot Glazer, with a video of his mom and the doll he coveted

Rosie Schaap

Rosie Schaap dons her beloved huipil for the first time since Dead tour

Colleen Kane and Tom Grubbs

Colleen Kane recruits eyewitness Tom Grubbs to help demonstrate a frightful sight

Cynthia Kaplan

Cynthia Kaplan accompanies her story with her hit single "Merry Christmas to You"

Michele Carlo

Michele Carlo tells the moving tale of a Christmas past

I hope you’ll come on out January 17, Martin Luther King Day, for the next Show and Tell: the Home Ec edition.


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