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Loved It

We had a great turnout for February 14th’s Love Stories edition of Show and Tell, and I hope everyone had fun hearing about all kinds of twisted nonsense and embarrassment…and also some nice love business.

Photos by Trey Pentecost, www.treypentecost.com

Missy Brown read an amorous artifact from the old days.

Garry Hannon, who had to come out four different times to his family, talked about his hubby.

Emily Spivack harvests vintage clothes and found stories from eBay.

Audience member ECS anticipates imminent hilarity.

We had the time of our lives during Andy Ross' high school talent show tale of trying to impress a crush.

Christen Clifford busted out the box of relics from her first love, and yes, those are unwashed tighty-whiteys.

See you at Union Hall for the kickoff to St. Patrick’s Week on March 14th for Irish Stories!


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