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March 14: Irish Stories

cokane in the homeland

Hi, I'm your host Missus Kane. You might have noticed from my name, skin, shame, humor, this stone cottage in Western Ireland that some of my relatives used to live in, and the fact that I'm always mentioning it, that I am an Irish (American). So I decided to honor St. Patrick's Day in a manner at least slightly more reality-based than you typically see in America. The theme this month is Irish Stories, and the following lineup will bring tales from Ireland and here in America, of comedy, tragedy, and ultra-violence, all on the night's theme.

Matthew Callan

Matthew Callan can be found griping on a daily basis about the Mets at AmazinAvenue.com and about everything else at Scratchbomb.com. You may have seen his writing at McSweeneys, the New York Press, and Best American Non-Required Reading; if so, please return it to him. He is currently working on a novel.

SM Shrake

SM Shrake, the "pint-sized storytelling powerhouse," has been heard on "This American Life" and was a GrandSlam finalist for The Moth in Detroit, as well as having appeared on 12 different stages in 5 cities in his first year of live story performances. He is also a longtime contributor at The Huffington Post and UsedWigs. Read more at YouWannaKnowWhat.com. Photo by Abby Greenawalt.

Sean Donnelly

Currently laying his weary head on a queen size somewhere in Brooklyn, Sean can be seen performing nightly, at clubs like Comix, Gotham Comedy Club and various other gigs up and down the East Coast.He has also performed in the New York Underground Comedy Festival and was a finalist in this years Mangers’ Comedy Festival in Boston. In addition to his various performing duties, Sean produces and hosts a monthly stand-up show at The P.I.T in NYC called “The Lil’ Seany Boy Show. You can learn more about Sean at http://www.seandonnellycomedy.com

Brendan Sullivan

Brendan Sullivan is a writer and storyteller. You can find his word in NPR, Vice and Esquire. He lives in Brooklyn with the rest of them.

OK this is me again, back when I was young miss Kane. One more thing-- I'm making soda bread and will share if you are nice. See you on the 14th at 8pm at Union Hall.


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