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You Can Show and Tell

So what exactly does one show at Show and Tell?

If you already have a story to share, ask yourself this question:

What visuals would make the story even better?

If you need help remembering good stories you might already have stockpiled, ask yourself this:

What items do you show off to your visitors and talk about and then realize hey, I really do have some cool stuff (/ I really might have a hoarding problem) ?

Past presenters have shown: photos (we love a Power Point), home video, actual subject props from the stories being told, an eyewitness, live musical performance, letters, emails, pantomime, zero-budget animation, a horrifying poster, cooking demonstrations, collections, school projects.

Or: You could bring photo booth evidence of last night’s blackout. You could bring the guy who was on your couch when you woke up the next day. Answering machine messages. Found audio or other objects. You name it, creative person!

Got it? Basically, if you write or perform your stories, and if you have a little something extra to go with the story, I want to hear about it! Give me an email at colleenrkane at gmail dot com.

And if you feel generally “thumbs up” about all this business, please like Show and Tell on Facebook.


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